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About Me

Hi, I'm Simon, a third year Forensic Computing and Security student at Bournemouth University with a passion for web development. I am currently on my placement year at Greenwood Campbell, a digital agency in Bournemouth.

My main focus within web is back end development, however seeing the awesome creative work of my collegues it has encouraged me to step up my game and explore other areas.

Morving forward I hope to round out my year with a better understanding and practical experience in front end development, UX and SEO










Here is a collection of projects that I have completed during my time at university. These projects were devloped to practice both front and back end dev, as well as some designing

Web Programming


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Xplore the Forest

Xplore the Forest

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Computing in Business

Computing in Business

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Jims Gym

Jims Gym

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Larry Ullman PHP books


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BSc Hons Forensic Computing and Security


1 st

User Centered Web Development

I learnt the best practices for designing and developing web pages and sites. I gained practical skills in mark-up languages to create static web pages, and an understanding of how simple multi-media techniques can improve the web-user's experience.

HTML Team Work CSS Planning JavaScript Communication Debugging

Systems Analysis & Design

How the systems development process affects business. This included the modeling of business systems using informal and formal techniques, and merging parts needed for system provision such as the human computer interface and computer systems design.

Planning Data Flow Diagrams Communication Entity Relationship Data Gathering Information Extraction Presenting


I learnt to write programs that meet set specifications using a Java.

Java Documentation Debugging Planning OOP Time Management

Computers & Networks

I learnt about data representations for storage and transmission, the basic architecture of computers, peripherals, operating systems and file systems, and networking protocols.

Cisco Netowrks Python Planning Reporting

Relational Databases

I gained an understanding of the issues involved in developing and using relational databases, and the processes to become an expert in structured query language and database design techniques.

Oricale SQL Planning

Business & Professional Issues

This unit helped to develop skills in teamwork, business appreciation, communication, professional behaviour, CV writing and research, and knowledge of the computing industry.

Presenting Time Management Team Work

Web Programming

I learnt how to use a back end coding language to make a small CMS, with focus on the usability and security. This unit also looked at using a prebuilt CMS framework to aid in the speed of building and improved functionality out of the box.

Team Work PHP Time Management MVC Documentation Python Communication MySQL

Systems Design

With a focus on ‘upstream’ development tasks, I learnt about the needs and of software system designs, and explore the problems with traditional systems development such as human computer interface design and usability.

Ethical Hacking & Countermeasure

I learnt about the relationships between security and what can compromise it. Part of my practical work was to perform a penetration test on a system and provide a report on my methods and findings

Malware Reporting Social Engineering Kali

Digital Forensics

I made security plans and used forensic techniques in distributed and non-distributed environments. Practical work focused on non-distributed environments, and topics covered included data structures and algorithms.

Reporting Presenting Forensic Investigation

Project Management

I gained experience of working in a team on an IT systems development project based on my chosen degree title, which will prepare me for work placement.

Agile Linux Waterfall Reporting Presenting Forensic Investigation

Infastructure Strategy

I explored the relationship between the goals of Information Systems and the infrastructure strategies of small and medium enterprises. I looked at computer and networking infrastructures and characteristics like flexibility, scalability, performance, resilience, quality of service and security, and design choices and implications of corporate infrastructure

Industrial Placement

On my placement I have been exposed to C# and development within the Microsoft Stack, using Umbraco and Kentico as CMS and how a project flows from design to build to support. I have also been a part of their emerging tech research and development, creating chatbots for clients. My work is not limited to back end development, I have also been the lead QA on a number of projects and I am learning about the tools and processes of the designers and front end developers with a view to have a well rounded understanding and practical experience in all parts of the development cycle.

ASP.Net Client Comms Debugging Communication MVC CMS Scope Time Management Umbraco Kentico Chatbots

Contact Me

While I am still at uni, I am also open to new experiences and opportunities, to learn new skills or practice my existing set.

Use the form below to get in contact, drop me an email or use one of the links below to see my open source work.


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